Sunday, 8 May 2016

May week 2

Hope you all had a good bank Holiday, as I am home all the time each day merges into one and makes no difference to what I do.

We decided to visit the Longstock Nursery in Leckford on Wednesday, been on our 'To Do' list for some time, have now done and will be going back. The plant nursery was fantastic and the farm shop? well had to buy some of the tasty goodies on display. Leckford Estate is part of John  Lewis. Can remember my Mum saying when she worked for JL back in about the 30's, they always used to treat there staff to a charabang drive and a picnic lunch in the garden at the big house once a year. The water garden was beautiful and somewhere worth  return visit. Only about 35 miles from home and we had a good journey cross country, delicious coffee and cake at the cafe. A trip worth doing.

Now what else have I been doing? well never seem to get as much done as would like but hey ho not the end of the world. Bought some plants which had to be planted. Lee is staining all the fences and there are a lot of them. Had my 'new' notebook and been brain storming ideas, more details next
week along with my inspiration.

I will leave you with a picture of our cherry tree in full bloom, a bit late this year as normally comes out about 21st April, just in time for Lee's Birthday.

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Have a good week


  1. The cherry blossom looks lovely. We have an apple tree, which weirdly only has three sprigs of blossom this year. It is going to be a lean year.

  2. Such a beautiful tree, I love Cherry Blossom

  3. Ooh isn't that cherry Tree wonderful! Xx


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