Sunday, 4 October 2015

Christmas only 82 days away

Not sure how this happened but Christmas is suddenly upon us and I have 2 events left until the Special Day. Have done the Clanfield Village Boutique this morning a new event for me.
I always find that I have big ideas for Christmas themed gifts but have done so badly in the past that tend to only do a few. To add to my stock made some in the hoop coasters, a set of 4 tied with ribbon. Thought these would be great as a gift with a bottle of wine and not expensive at £4.00.

Next week have to work on the Christmas launch on my website, this will enable me to take stock of what is left and if I need to add more.

Researching Vintage and Craft fairs for next year, there seem to be more of these about and had so many comments that my product line would be more suited to this type of event. Found one at Grayswood Village Hall, just outside Haslemere on the 31st October. Doing things slightly differently this time around and visiting in advance. I know each fair is different and the same venue can be good one time and bad the next but this will give me an idea of what is being sold and the general footfall. Lee is getting dragged along and as dog friendly, guess we will have company from the four footed whinge bucket.

Not much else this week, next week sorting my stock and plan to have a close out sale as my stock needs changing and going back to what I used to love doing which was more hand embroidery, crazy quilting etc. The rest of this year big bargains to be had then 2016 will bring a new look Carolee Crafts.

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Thank you for all your lovely comments each week I do appreciate you taking the time to read my blogging posts


  1. love the coasters- very festive! Good luck with the remaining fairs and look forward to seeing the new look x

  2. It always seem mad to be thinking Christmas just as the summer ends but when you say only 2 events it makes it seem just round the corner. The Christmas coasters are a sweet and inexpensive idea, I hope they do well for you.

  3. yes! Always good to do a "recce" first! Especially, if the location is a ways away. More often than not, I decide not to apply for a Fair because there's no good parking or access is cumbersome... And events depending on heavy LOCAL "FOOT"-Traffic in our crazy weather are always a problem! - If People can't "park", they aren't "walking" home with a LOAD of STUFF!
    BTW, cute coasters!

  4. Gosh you're organised! Well done you! Those Xmas coasters are a great idea!

  5. Your coasters look fabulous, I hope you find some great fairs to go to.

  6. Craft fairs are so hard aren't they, some are so much better than others. I love your coasters, I'm sure they will do so well and what a great idea to give with a bottle of wine! Xx

  7. I think the coasters are a great idea:) I like your thinking re checking out craft fairs first - I may adopt your approach:)


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