Sunday, 11 October 2015

Inventory close out sale and change of direction

I had a revelation on Sunday, well tbh got to the end of the road with my current stock and after a not very good fair. I have been swayed in the past by comments from others, saying why don't you make this or that. Listened and did what they suggested then failed dismally.   I decided to do an inventory close out sale, in other words clear most of my existing stock by the end of December. Have already sold 4 bags, a day after the sale went live. Still working through my stock and adding to the sale section of my website.  Stock takes are endless, well seem that way and have found put things back in the wrong boxes, in other words a mess.

I feel that change and reinvention is good for us all and does not hurt, I have got very jaded with the craft fair circuit and next year my makes will be going back to the vintage style I love. Hence looking for vintage and artisan fairs. I don't do modern and think has taken me a while to realise this and let's face it so many styles in the shops at a fraction of the price I can make them for.

My passion lies with lace, beading and still machine embroidery but using heirloom designs. Have a wonderful designer that her embroideries designs are the best. So 2016 will bring new products and a new me doing what I love as am sure it tells in your items and your persona at fairs when you are not happy. I did vintage with my original craft business years ago before it was 'in' and did well cannot believe I got swayed to make things that I really did not like. A lot of people say you should listen to the buyers but when they are not buying because they claim to be able to get an item as well made (yeah right) and cheaper (okay right, from a sweat shop) time to move on and start afresh.

Starting my new pinterest boards with ideas and mood boards with designs, fabrics etc. Love mood boards and have done a few times in my almost 58 years of life. My plan is to have a successful vintage inspired business and lose weight (now don't all fall about laughing about the latter). I do try frequently but as soon as I say I am on a diet always starving. Anyway plan to do all this by the time I am 60, that gives me just over 2 years (or 24months or 104 weeks). Think much beyond that age not sure would be bothered to restart again but then again my passion for handmade has not gone away and don't think it ever will, after 30 years of running business's handmade is an addiction and way of life.

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Have a good week and enjoy the dry Autumnal weather, I am off out with the camera for some colour combo shots.


  1. How exciting! I wish you every success with your restart. I'm looking forward to seeing your creations.
    It can be so easy to make what other suggest instead of what you love, thinking that everyone else knows best, but if you make what you love then your enthusiasm will shine through it all and help to give your products a "brand" too.

  2. Having a clear out can be immensely satisfying, i'm glad you've got back in touch with what you feel most passionate about too! x

  3. Good luck with your new ideas. Sometimes it is good to stop, and assess what you are doing.

  4. Stick with what YOU *ENJOY* doing! The minute you get swayed by a "TREND"-wave, YOUR "STYLE" will drown! Besides, most Customers are clueless as to WHAT the want and just outright finicky the rest of the time! - If your stuff sells, GREAT! If it doesn't, then you have enough "gifts" to pass out when needed to People who will *appreciate* them!

    1. So true Auntie Shan. I am an individual and certain people can get over it!

  5. Oh goodness! Dont you hate those people who start their sentences with "you should....." when they are coming from an ignorant viewpoint! Good on you for getting back to what you love!

  6. Good luck with your change of direction, you know that I have only been doing bows for almost a year as the cards were not selling and the change has been good for me (I have plans to revamp the cards too but not yet) I hope it makes you happier and more successful.


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