Sunday, 27 September 2015

A week of bits and pieces

This week has been odd work wise:

Monday and Tuesday cleaning so exhausted could not be asked after that exploit. 

Wednesday dentist and hygienist considerably poorer from that visit but on a plus point no fillings, Yippee!!!! 

Thursday drifted and seemed to do a lot of nothing, well nothing to show for a whole day, what did I get up to? the mind is a blur. 

Friday completed 2 needle cases for an order.

Saturday made up 4 pillow pads for covers I had made previously.

Sunday started the Christmas House door hangings. Done 2 so far they work out at £8.00 each with 75 minutes of stitch out time. Not sure whether I will add a few more or leave at these two. These are a German design and have always loved the German and Austrian Christmas Markets. The decorations and edible goodies are just delicious.

Weihnachtsvilla/Christmas House

My problem is I get distracted, go off at a tangent, spend too long having ideas and researching supplies when really I should be working at what is on my sewing table. A friend in the US is making these beautiful Fall wreaths atm and they are so beautiful that it has inspired me to make one for our door, only problem by the time I have got everything together will be winter, lol.

Check out Mary's Etsy shop these are a dream a very talented lady.

Check out the other blogs a Lucy Blossom Crafts on Handmade Monday

Well back to pontificating the meaning of life and dreaming of projects that I want to do and will probably never get done, am sure the days are now shorter or perhaps that is the feeling now I an getting older and slower, lol.

Have a great 'Fall' week.


  1. I love the Christmas houses, my favourite is the second one with the brighter colours. Have a good week

  2. ;-]
    Sounds like my week! - Most of it spend "recovering" from last Sunday's craft show. Didn't venture out until Tuesday - only because I had to! And then, not again until yesterday! Meanwhile, I started up a hat and gotten halfway through a blanket! With more "ideas" bouncing about my brain... PLUS a gazzillion OTHER things that MUST be done in the next 5 weeks before the next craft show!
    I seriously hate "logistics" at this time of year!
    Anyhoo, lovely houses!

  3. Aww your Christmas houses are so cute :) Love the wreath too, Autumn is my fav season, such gorgeous colours x

  4. I've noticed lots of people in the US seem to do the whole "decorate for fall" thing, I just bring in the delicate plants and maybe pop a few winter pansies or wall flowers in outside. I love the idea of something autumnal as a wreath or on the window sill but then Christmas comes and that's the end of that idea!
    Maybe we should make this year, at our leisure, ready to display next year!

  5. The little Christmas houses are very pretty. They look complicated.

  6. Your little houses are adorable! What a lot of work has gone into them. I constantly get distracted, there are just far too many things I want to do and not enough time! Xx

  7. The houses are stunning! Know how you feel about being distracted.... (gets back to knitting...) the wreath is lovely will take a look x

  8. so nice. I love the autumn colours. lovely work. I don't know how you do all that in only 75 mins!

  9. The houses are pretty and and unusual. I like each one! I would be like you if I started an Autumn wreath it would be Yule time before it was ready! Maybe that's the best approach- start Yule now then Sping, just yo be ready😀

  10. I too love the bright colours of the second:) I think sometimes we need to listen to our bodies and have a go slow week:)


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