Sunday, 13 September 2015

Handmade Monday

Well we have reached number 32 in the Handmade Monday's since the lovely Vicky of Lucy Blossom Crafts too over. Each week I visit the blogs and love reading what you have been up to, would also like to send special thanks to those of you that take the time to comment. Yours comments mean a lot to me and I appreciate everyone.

Okay back to this week, not a lot of makes as took ourselves down to our favourite seaside village of Emsworth. DH and I do not often go out but did treat ourselves this week. The sea in the harbour was like a mill pond, sun out in force and quite warm to say the least.

This is the small street than leads down to the harbour, so quaint and love the colours of the old fishing cottages.

Back to the square an Heidi's Patisserie

A wonderful trip and maybe some day will live down here although tbh only takes about 25 minutes to drive down so not impossible. I do find it so relaxing though and tranquil to hear the rigging on the yachts, bliss.

Saturday - Liphook Village Market

This is an Artisan event for food and hand makers alike. A friendly venue and new and old hands are made to feel very welcome.

Have my sister coming up early in the week to collect some stock to show her sewing circle, in the hope she can get some sales.

Did make myself a lunch bag for day events, has a plastic lining and insul bright (keeps cold or heat in) between the plastic and outer fabric.

Talking to one of the other sellers yesterday, she thought I should make some to sell, another item added to my 'To Do List'. Took an order yesterday for a company name to be stitched onto fabric so Linda can hand stitch onto her new fleece for her fairs. could this be another string to my sewing bow?

Hopefully some more makes next week



  1. Aww your lunch bag is adorable! Glad you got some lovely weather for your trip :) x

  2. I do love Emsworth, its in the neck of the woods that my Mum lives.
    Thats a great bag youve made, and great that doing a craft fair has inspired you with lots more avenues and ideas.
    Have a great week xx

  3. Looks like you lucked out with the weather, beautiful blue skies! That bag is lovely, very practical and pretty too!

  4. Emsworth looks very tranquil. Just googled to see where it is, as looks well worth a trip.

  5. Love the fabric on that bag! And, lovely "setup" of your TABLE! Hope "sales" went well..?

  6. Thats a fantastic lunch bag. They would run out the door!

  7. What a lovely peaceful looking place. I'm not suprised that your adore it there. Hope you sold lots at the market, the stall look very inviting. I do like your lunch bag, so pretty and practical.

  8. This is such a lovely bag you have created. I so admire your sewing skills. I hope your week is off to a great start!

  9. I love your bag, such a great and stylish way to keep your lunch cool, I'm sure lots of people would buy them.


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