Sunday, 6 April 2014

Bargain buys for Fairs and Poppies

Been busy in the garden this week as the weather has been so good, apart from the pollution levels which had me back on the puffers, all has been good but busy. Must admit the levels round here have not been bad at all but going just 15 miles up the A3 and all change, I suppose more cars, towns whilst we are in the country.

I find that having small ticket items at events is so useful as these can be the bread and butter of your stall and attract attention. My makes this week are hair clippie holders in the shape of flowers, simple but so pretty for a little girl's room. 

My stock take and sorting has been finished, never been this tidy on the stock front. Boxes labelled, spreadsheet of every item along with the box they are in. Website updated with oodles of more products and paypal checked and agrees with the website. Took longer than I thought it would, mainly because I went wrong part way through in such a muddle had to start over. Now have a laminate check list when adding new items or deleting sold ones. As I am now so tidy think of all the spare sewing time I have left.

The spare sewing time has been put to good use, having stashed this poppy fabric a while back, sourced some vintage style bronze bag frames and with a touch of black lace two new clutch bags appeared.

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