Monday, 31 March 2014

Where Women Create Business latest issue

Dropping through my letterbox the latest issue of WWCB and again does not disappoint. I love to read stories of women forging their way in the creative world and I love Patti Hughes article 'Natural Life' how her passion for handmade led her to a successful business.

I know myself and others could never achieve what some of these women have but good to know that there are so many realising their dreams.

Enjoying this beautiful weather, the sun and warmth just makes you feel so good and full of energy. Currently working on ensuring that all my stock is on my website, until I started this task had no idea I had so much made. think my passion for making ran away with my need to stock take and have a full website. Another resolution to make, price, photograph, detail, list in a stock list and post to my website. A plan? will it fail? I do hope not as after this sort out have enough to open a shop!

Enjoy the Springtime

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