Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Wow Wednesday No. 20

The house is in uproar, we have the plumber in changing the ensuite and oh boy what a mess. To be fair he is very good but any work and workmen cause chaos. feel as if the house is not our own atm. Still will be wallowing in luxury when done, chose black and white with white suite, white pearl mosaic effect tiling on the wall and black glitter tiles for the floor with complimentary worktops. So swish will look more like a hotel bathroom than ours but this gives me an excuse when done to find some new towels I can embroider and accessories.

Not much to show this week as have been making more of the 'Fairy Notes' notebook covers plus the big de-cluttering which is a bit like the Tyne Bridge, never ending.

My workroom desk arrived from John Lewis, I love this store they do what they say they are going to do and their tag line 'Never knowingly undersold' is so true as have found them so much better value for money than other stores plus you get great customer service. Anyway the desk is up, boxes of 'stuff' underneath but it will get done and sorted. I love the glass top when working with mess as far more forgiving than wood.

The garden is coming along and for this year only 2 more hanging baskets and a hay basket to fill. Just hope we then get the good weather to enjoy all the hard slog. Waiting for a quote from the fencing man to fence in the back path and terrace, this is to enable Shiloh to go onto the terrace without his normal digging for Australia attempts in the main garden. Things we have to do to accommodate a dog!


  1. Hi Caroline. Your notebook is really cute =) Hope all goes well with your bathroom, sounds amazing and yes we will do anything for our furry best friends. Em x
    p.s. I am having a little giveaway over on my blog if you wish to join in =)

  2. Hope you enjoy your new desk, I know I love mine. One tip the glass is quite cold in winter so I put a cloth or paper on top

    1. Thanks Lynn a good point as my workroom is not heated, can now imagine me being adhered to the glass top in the winter, lol


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