Sunday, 5 May 2013

Flashback Friday

Flashback Friday is a new blog hop where we dig through our memories old pictures and more and we flashback to that time. Taking ourselves back to the place with as much or little detail as your heart is willing to share. To me memories are photographs or tangible items kept as treasured keepsakes of years gone by or maybe even a few months. Memories are precious, years go by friends lost along the way but nothing can stop you remembering those times of laughter, smells or taste.

My Mum and I, must have been about 3 or 4 and can remember holidaying in our caravan on Selsey Bill. Selsey is a small headland in southern England. I can remember long summer days, warm weather, smell of the sea, the taste of the ice cream (am sure ice cream is not as good as it was) trying to eat the whipped mound of deliciousness before it dribbled down my hand. Long walks along the shingle beach  with Mum, Dad and the dogs. Crunching the stones under our feet, finding shells to squirrel away and other beach combing treasures. Mum setting up her easel and watercolours to paint the coastal views. Dad sitting asleep in the chair making out he was reading the paper and must not be disturbed. Lost my Mum in 2006 but these photos keep the happy times alive.

Those times seemed gentler to me a slow amble of a pace, where people stopped and passed the time of day, days to treasure and look back and remember. When childhoods where innocent and safe filled with love and delights to find and occupy are inquisitive brains.

I hope you enjoyed my Flashback journey and look forward to reading about your memories and a special thank you to Melissa for coming up with a wonderful idea.


  1. Such a precious photo of you and your Mum.You two look so happy. Love the memories, your childhood sounds beautiful. Thanks for sharing your memories with us Coralee.. Bless you.

  2. Oh my goodness that is exactly what I picture when I think of the British seaside. Such a gorgeous photo. Returning the love from Searching for Sanity. :D

  3. What a fabulous pic! Many blessings to you!


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