Friday, 14 September 2012

National Women's Friendship Day 15th September

Today is National Women's Friendship Day a day to pay tribute to those women that inspire you or go that extra mile. They can be well known or not so much, friends or a family member, women from history.

An Inspiring Woman

I have an online friend Kim,  who I email back and forwards and phone chats. I want to use this day as a special tribute to her. She is going through a tough time as her Mum & Dad are very poorly but she is always at the end of the phone or email with words of encouragement for me when I falter. She listens to my woes and helps with words of wisdom. A true friend and one to hold onto. She runs her own business and is currently looking for premises with workshop facilities. Her work is second to none and I know she will be a success, I hope this goes some way to let her know she is loved and thought of every day and on this special day thank you for being a special friend. Check out Kim's work at: Apple Crafts

My Mum

I lost my Mum in July 2006 at age 90 (I was a late baby) she had Alzhemiers which as everyone who has been through this knows it is not called 'The Long Goodbye' for nothing. A cruel disease with as yet no known cure. My Mum was a very independent and capable woman, a teacher, book keeper for my Dad's building firm, ensuring his workforce were paid correctly and on time. Mum inspired me throughout my life with her to reach for my dreams. Picking up the pieces when I failed or things went bad, unpicking items I had attempted to make which went wrong, coming to craft fairs with me and sitting for hours on a good sales day and bad. I know I never told her enough what she meant to me as often or as well as I should of and hope that she knew I loved her.
A picture before the troubles doing what she loved on the yacht at Chichester Harbour.

We where all young once and had dreams and aspirations, found an old black and white photo, a bit dog eared, my Mum with her Brother my Uncle about to go to the tennis club, this dates from about 1934 -6. Hard when I look at this to believe my Mum has gone and I miss her every day.

RIP Mum with the Angels and we will meet again.

Other women who inspire me Mayo Angelou & Cheryl Richardson

Inspirational women can be found all around us, do not have to be famous can be the neighbour next door. All women have dreams and hopes for their lives, some never succeed but that drive and passion never goes away how ever old we get, please join me and raise a toast to women and acknowledge how wonderful we all are.

I do hope you join in with this tribute to special women in your lives


  1. oh Caroline, how blessed I am to have a friend like you, I always feel it is you listening to me and offering the advice. Perhaps that is one thing that makes our friendship special, we don't see ourselves how others see us. Thank you for being my friend.

  2. What a lovely tribute to your Mum, anyone who has a Mum for a friend is truly blessed.
    Love and hugs
    Kim xx

  3. A wonderful post, it really brought a tear to roll down my cheek, it's a beautiful tribute to your mum and good friendships are a treasure to cherish. I'm sorry I wasn't able to join in this year.

    Jan x


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