Sunday, 9 September 2012

Handmade Monday No. 83

Another week and hasn't it been a good one weather wise, a bit nippy in the mornings but good walking weather. 6.30 in the morning meeting up with dawgie friends, Shiloh has had a tail of a time.

Been crafting this week but unable to show my creations as for Birthday and Christmas gifts, they will appear when we pass the giving date. Made to date:

3 Birthday Gifts
3 Birthday cards
2 Christmas Gifts

I sponsored the Summer Show on Craft Forum last month the 'Animal' section. The winner was Claire Manwani Pottery. Claire is famous for her fun puddy cat dishes:

As a prize for winning had planned to send her a iphone pouch but then  thought no change direction slightly and made her a tote bag for her business:

I know the cat is not exactly the same but hope it represents the stripey dishes.

There were some wonderful entries and such a good idea of Karen's.

Check out my blogpost here for more Stripey Cats on stripey fabric

Next Saturday is National Women's Friendship Day, I will be doing a tribute to 2 women who have been and one who is still in my life that inspire me to be who I am, if anyone would like to join in, does not affect Handmade Monday please join the link which will go live 12.01am Saturday morning and close Midnight the same day. This will not be craft related but a chance to let others know who inspires you plus to thank those that are there for you throughout the year.

Want to be a guest poster check out Jill's blog at Christmas Pie Crafts, Jill very kindly has been doing a guest post every Friday for 7 months now and well worth joining in.

A member of UK Handmade? we now have blogging Thursday linky party, only 4 of us last week but have more signed up, from little acorns etc. Details on my blog.

Check out the other blogs at Handmade Harbour

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  1. That is such a lovely prize for Claire and I know from CF that she is really pleased with it. Good to see your Handmade UK Thursday blog has taken off so well - well done for getting it up and running. I will produce a craft-related blog post and join you in some of the hops. Sounds like a busy week - looking forward to seeing your makes. Hope you have a good week.

  2. those cat dishes are so cute! and the bag you have made is fab, i'm sure she'll love it :)

    looking forward to a peak at the gifts you've been making once they have been given! x

  3. The bag for Claire is brilliant! The cat is great!

  4. I love Claire's dishes, and your bag is a brilliant tribute - she'll love it, I'm sure.

  5. I love the bag you made for Claire.....I saw on CF that she loved it too!!

  6. That's a very cool bag. Now i'm sorry i didn't win something :( But all the entries were very cool - as were the prizes id yours is anything to go by

  7. I love the way yopu have tailored the bag to suit her. Very creative!

  8. That is a great bag. Practical and a good advertising feature. I have one of Claire's cat's as a teabag holder, we love it.

  9. Awww lovely bag!

    Thanks for the links to the inspiration post that are due to go live. A lovely idea. May give it a go. If not, due to time, I will give it a read.

  10. I know Claire's dishes are very popular and really distinctive, the bag compliments them brilliantly.

    Jan x

  11. Sounds as if you have had a busy week! The bag is lovely. I am betting that she loves it. Having something specially made for you is so special.


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