Sunday, 1 April 2012

An odd week

Odd? because the whole week seemed disjointed somehow, not sure why did some dusting on Thursday, I know those that know me don't faint and aggravated an old riding injury in agony for a few days so not as much done as would have liked but the weekend has been productive. Started my wedding collection only planning on bags and ring cushions atm but hope to widen to a few more accessories later.

Wedding Collection

Rose Swan Collection

I am using silk simply because it adds a touch of luxury to a special day.

Ring Pillow in 100% white silk dupion with machine embroidered swan and organza ribbons for the rings, can be personalised at the top with names and date.

to follow next week a matching framed purse and garter with a delicate rosebud detail and a blue bow hidden inside. Planning on about 6 designs in total and may add 1 or 2 of those in satin but must admit prefer working in silk, so tbc.

Paris Pouch Bag

A pretty Parisienne Pouch made from some more delightful linen printed fabric from my new favourite online shop, not sure about the design was a u-handbag pattern but tbh not easy so for the next one have adapted to my own style, cannot be doing with difficult.

Also experimenting with my photos, got a bit bored with the bland white light box effect so thought I would add some props to make the picture look more interesting, your thoughts?

Downloaded the latest colours from the Trend Bible plus raided Homebase paint colour charts, this gives me a focus on a colour palette, need to get some more for the Sentiment collection think muted greens.

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Have a happy crafting week

In charge of Biccies!


  1. I love raiding the paint charts at the DIY stores. They are so useful for making cards!! Lovely pillows too! X

  2. The styled photo looks good. Very pretty swan cushion! x

  3. The ring pillow is so elegant! Look forward to seeing the other pieces in the collection. The photo of your bag is great think the props really work, has the bag got a pearl handle or is that one of the props?

    Samantha x

  4. I love the cushion, and the photo of the bag with the vase of flowers looks fab!

  5. I think the vase of flowers compliments the purse very well. Great cushion.

  6. The pillow is beautiful. And yes to props in photos it just adds something (not sure what) to it.

  7. Gorgeous ring cushion. Love the embroidered swan. My son has asked me to make the ring cushion for his wedding at the end of this month and it is nearly finished.
    Hugs Mrs A.

  8. I love the little purse - the fabric is great - and I like the way you have photographed it beside the flower. Mich x

  9. Dusting? Best to leave until you no longer notice it. Now I hadn't though of paint charts to use for crafting - a great idea. Hope you have a good week

  10. Blimey - odd it may have been but very productive! It all looks lovely.

  11. Really love the swan on the silk it does just cream elegant! Of course I'm a bit past weddings but I love to see that stuff anyway.
    Sorry that you hurt yourself, proves that dusting is not worth it! :)
    As for the photos, I think there is a place for the lightbox, but I always like something with props, etc. Of course, my own photos always look like I simply tossed the object on the table or my bed or a chair because...well, I did! But your photos are so professional. :)

  12. Caroline I love the ring cushion. I am sure it would make for a very treasured memento of a special day.
    Hope you're back on your feet again!

  13. Silk is lovely but I find it is not easy to work with, it tends to slide about for me.
    Love the props in the photo's, it looks very professional and swish.

    Jan x

  14. That ring pillow is just beautiful. So delicate and luxurious. x

  15. The swan is gorgeous. As for dusting - what's that?

  16. wow Caroline, your machine embroidery is stunning! the ring pillow with the swan is so exquisite and luxurious and the motif itself is fab!
    well done on your French-looking pouch, such a gorgeous design and the fabric is such a beaut!

    Sometimes I am too bored of the scenery for my photos (mostly windowsills due to the space limitations) so I like to take my crafts outside and photograph them in the garden. Fresh green grass or a flowering bush look good with many photographed objects. Maybe try that :)

  17. What lovely lovely things you make, any bride would be over the moon with these. The photo's look great with props.
    Jo x

  18. The props in the photo really work well.Love the swan cushion- very pretty.


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