Sunday, 25 March 2012

Paris in Springtime and more Angels

What a beautiful week brilliant sunshine and warm even ventured out without a coat! Had to have 2 radiators replaced last week thank goodness for British Gas Homecare contract, cost zilch!

In between the hindrance of the good weather have felt an inkling to Paris maybe it is the thought of Spring, found this fabric and it just spoke to me, so my first offering a small framed bag with diamante heart and ribbon rose, simple but I hope quite pretty.

Then onto something a bit bigger another bag in a vintage style again had to add a diamante heart but also felt this one lent itself to a bow and rose.

Paris in the Pink

Just loved this fabric and thought the butterfly added that certain something

Rose Corner Frame Bag

Again another Sonia Showalter embroidery design this time a rose corner and had to use my new fabric an oatmeal linen

Victorian Shabby Chic Rose Bag

Another new linen piece of fabric arrived this week with Victorian style labels printed all over along with this beautiful shabby chic rose trim.

Penny Farthing Wash Bag

Carrying on from the theme last week as per Wendy's suggestion something for the men, will be sourcing some fabric to make more of these but wanted to test the design, lined with waterproof fabric. This pattern way sadly is from my every increasing stash of fabric and not available now.

More Angels this time for our fur babies for a cat or dog lover.

Blissful Bathtime Door Pillow

A fun bathing beauty design added to a door pillow 

On top of al that have made another pair of PJ bottoms and a kaftan top for myself. 
Next week white silk, roses, lace and swans?

Slightly off post I spent some time this weekend realising that I have a good life, doing what I want to every day. A fantastic husband who has enabled me to live my dreams and a beautiful dog who is my constant companion as well as being the comic relief when needed. A bff who is always there when I need shoulder to cry on although a distance away we email at least once a week if not more and she bothered to ring me as she thought I sounded down, what a perfect friend. Life is good and not sure can get much better and for that I am eternally grateful. 

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  1. Great new items Carol, love the Paris theme.

    Think we all need to be counting our blessings sometimes.

  2. Good weather a hindrance? Perhaps in that the temptation is to be outside in the sunshine rather than inside crafting. Hope you have a good week.

  3. What a lovely set of makes. I think it's a privilege to be self-employed doing something you love. Lots of people never have that opportunity. x

  4. The Paris bag with the rose and the Victorian inspired one are to die for - I love them.

  5. Gorgeous bags - love the larger Paris and Victorian ones in particular.

  6. Wow - you've been super-charged busy this week. Slow down, girl - chill out! Everything is absolutely beautiful though - very stylish!

  7. Lovely bags, and I particularly like the Penny Farthing!

  8. I love all things Paris so have gone all gooey over these and am now off to book myself a weekend in Paris (I wish!!)

  9. Caroline....I have fallen in love with your vintage victorian's beautiful.....
    S xx

  10. Your bags are so nice. Need to up my anti and get mine finished!!

  11. Wow, you have been busy. I love the pastel colours.

  12. Such beautiful makes Caroline, I love the way you spend time on the details, the diamanté heart and roses are lovely.

    It's always good to stop and count our blessings at times and realise how lucky some of us are.

    Jan x

  13. I just love the bags, especially the Paris pink one & the embroidered one. the angels are sweet also :)

  14. Hi Caroline,, you amaze me every week. I love what you do more each week!!! If thats even possible. I love the frame purses, the bags are gorgeous and I love love love the one with the pink roses. The angels are the sweetest too. The bath pillow is cute, AND I love the bag for men. Well done. I cant wait to see whats next. I hope there is more spring weather ahead for you!! Have a great week. (()) Gail

  15. Oh my goodness, I don'tknow where to start. Those bags are to die for and the pennyfarthing wash bag is nice and roomy, can't stand those not big enough for your toothbrush. Love the bath cushion too, very cheeky. lol.

  16. Great items. I like how the small added details add so much to your pieces, (the bike, the rose, the butterfly, etc).

  17. I love the bag in the second picture down. Just yummy.

  18. I love the things you make, they're so beautiful. You have been busy haven't you! I love what you wrote at the end, the things that make us happy are often little things that make such a big difference to our lives. x

  19. Wow! You've been busy! You make me feel guilty!

  20. Such beautiful bags, the fabric does speak of Paris!!
    I adore the shabby chic rose bag, beautiful in it's simplicity.


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