Sunday, 3 July 2011

Blogging Monday

Dorset Girl awarded me the 'One Lovely Blog Award' thank you so much, the rules are that you must link back to the giver, tick.

Seven random things about me:

1. Love Morse and Lewis tv programmes
2. Avid reader of 'who dunnits'
3. Favourite dvd atm is Marie Antoinette with Kirsten Dunst
4. Love the smell of roses both actual and essential oil.
5. A fresh air freak, hate to not have the windows open
6. Early to bed and early to rise, best time of day 5:00 in the morning
7. Love the colour Pink

15 nominated blogs for this reward

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An odd week seemed to be rushing here there and everywhere and not getting much done so makes for this week:

Been thinking of this style handbag for some time, had just enough of the stripe fabric left over from another project, different but happy with the end result.
The handles go throguh large eyelets.

Yet another pair of picot edged baby shoes, this time in a random wool of pink, cream and taupe.

This yarn just spoke to me, normally a pastel girl but thought these would be a funky addition to the modern babies wardrobe and appreciate that not everyone likes pastels. Found the heart buttons and the orange lace in my extensive stash of goodies, a wonder what you can find when you look, lol

A Sunday make, velvet and organza flower, velvet leaves, a vintage style button for the centre with ribbon and beading detail. Mounted onto a brooch bar.

We visited our new puppy this week, he is so sweet and cuddly, know most of you have seen the pics but just had to add this one, think he could be sleeping on the job initially but will soon get him trained to be useful (NOT!!!) Fell asleep on Lee's lap must have been happy. Have started a countdown app at the top of this blog to when we collect him and he has been adopted as the Crafts Forum puppy so to elevate him to this position he may even get his own blog.

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  1. I do love those funky purple baby shoes! You can never have too many cute puppy pics, so keep 'em coming! x

  2. wow you always manage to make so many lovely things in such a short time great blog as usual xxx

  3. Those shoes are so cute!!! Love the little puppy too, bet you can't wait!

  4. Love the slippers and the puppy! Congrats on your award, richly deserved.

  5. I love the little baby shoes, especially the cream and pink ones, I might just have to order a pair when my cousin has her baby in November! They're gorgeous x

  6. The baby shoes are lovely :)
    Bet you can't wait to get the puppy. We'll be counting down with you!

  7. Uhooi,,
    Waw,, These baby shoes are cute, nice and pretty,,,

  8. I just love those purple and orange shoes-my favourite colours!

  9. Well done on the award! Your bag looks intriguing, I love the fabric. Your puppy looks gorgeous!

  10. Congratulations on your Award Caroline!! My Blog needs some serious work! I think I need a assistant just to handle my Blog!! Love your New Creations, especially the little crib shoes, such happy little toes they will make! Have a Wonderful Week Caroline, and yes Studio Diva agrees her soon to be New Friend across the Pond will welcome a roll in the Craft Room!!
    Huggs, Nancy

  11. Love the bag and the shoes, does make a change from pastel colours.
    Love the puppy pics I bet you can't wait.

  12. Your striped handbag is great and I love the funky purple baby shoes!! You must be so excited to get your puppy! Fun award!

  13. Love that bag, the colours are so fresh and summery! Congrats on your award too!

  14. Caroline

    I love the new handbag and booties and the new puppy is adorable!

  15. Love that squishy pup! What have you called him/her. Pretty baby pumps too!

  16. The baby booties are adorable.
    Glad you found the eyelets for your bag, came out well. Shiloh is going to need a badge for his new position! Have a wonderful week,
    Patricia Rose-A Potpourri

  17. Cute puppy. Want the cute puppy.

    The little shoes are super sweet!

  18. You already know about my (not so) secret love and early obsession with Shiloh so no more needs to be said!!

    Loving those little shoes - oh to be a toddler again!

    Ali x

  19. I love the bright little booties probably because I like bright colours. That's one cute little puppy.

  20. Hi Caroline! What a cool hand bag. I love it. The baby shoes are just adorable. Pretty flower... AND the puppy is the sweetest ever!. I hope you have a great week and get lots done :)
    (()) Gail

  21. Congratulations on the award! Your booties are absolutely gorgeous, they look more like they're made from material from wool. Puppy is so cute!

  22. All your new makes are lovely, especially the cute little baby shoes. and that lil puppy is adorable aswell :) xx

  23. Hi Caroline!

    Very cute handbag! Love the baby shoes too. How sweet. The brooch is adorable. You are one talented lady. :) I am so excited about Shiloh. I love the pic. A blog would be a great ideat for your new fur baby. I have a pet blog and don't even have a Have a great week.

  24. wow, your such a busy bee! you never rest from your craft, do you? a few things created within a week! how prolific! :) love the purple-orange booties! these bold colours make such a good mix. love the bag too, stripes make it look a bit folky, a bit retro and a bit bohemian :)
    well done!


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