Sunday, 24 July 2011

Blogging Monday is here again Folks

Now I know I am getting older, things are taking more time than they did a few years back my brain is willing although leaning towards memory lapses now and again but I never get as much done as planned, start the week on a Sunday evening with a 'To Do' list reading like War & Peace come Saturday does not look much better. Do go off at a tangent on occasion and can take some time getting back to the straight and narrow course so not as much as I would have liked to show, however 2 more tote bags, 1 tidy bag, kimono shoes to match the baby gift posted last week for a friend, just waiting for her to produce said offspring and a birthday card for BIL.

Back to what I love a crazy quilted silk Victorian door hanging in colours of the sea, blues, greens, greys, and cream with shell charms, flowers and beads. Machine embroidery stitches and lace. Although small these pieces take time but enable me to be more creative and love the randomness of the patchwork.

Everything bought for Shiloh's arrival on Tuesday, well almost all off to collect the baby gate reserved at Homebase tomorrow, some more grub as Golden's have a penchant for food. Builder almost finished the puppy run but will not be able to use fully until Thursday, at least the badgers stayed away had visions of them ploughing their way through half set concrete. Contract received and insurance through from the kennel club.

Blog started for Shiloh so anyone can follow his tails from Tuesday.

I want to introduce my very good friend Kim from Apple Crafts she is based in Lincolnshire and starting some new card making classes soon. Kim is a wonderful lady , very patient and an excellent teacher, if you are in the area and would like to learn new techniques plus have fun check out her website for more details.

Hobby and Craft Forum is still looking for new members, we have a directory to advertise your business, morning coffee to pass some time away and more, whilst small we are perfectly formed and have some big ideas for the future.

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  1. Those kimono shoes are the cutest. Think I can see a pair of slippers in the style. Very veg worthy!

    Love the shades on the cushion. Makes me want my holiday to come all the quicker.

  2. Love the little shoes, so tiny and delecate looking. Like the bags too. You make me feel idle, not done a great deal this week.

  3. I bet you can't wait for Shiloh to arrive!! All your makes are lovely but the door hanger is stunning x

  4. The little slippers are just gorgeous,well,everything is!And I love that blue cushion.

  5. Gorgeous baby shoes! Love the colours in your crazy quilt hanging too x

  6. The shoes are really lovely. I have seen something like them somewhere before but Can't remember where now!

  7. Beautiful work as always - I love that door hanger, the colours are lovely.

    Ali x

  8. Love the baby shoes, they are adorable.

    You've been busy!

    I know you can't hardly wait for Tuesday. Looking forward to new pics of Shiloh.

    Have a wonderful week!

  9. Those shoes are so cute! Love your totes as always! x

  10. EVERYthing is wonderful - you are amazingly creative & organized. Only one day until your precious Shiloh comes - cannot wait to see more pics of him!
    Mary Patterson

  11. The door hanging is beautiful, I love the colours, you have been so productive. I will check out the forum :o)

    Jan x

  12. Goodness I wouldn't like to see what your to do list looks like - you seem to have been very busy making some lovely things. My to do list never ends either. You're going to be even busier when Shiloh arrives.

  13. These kimono shoes are so adorable!

  14. A lovely plethora of projects. The door hanger is lovely. I know what you mean about little projects, but the end results are well worth it aren't they?

  15. Hi Caroline,

    I just adore every thing you create. The doorknob pillow is gorgeous. You amaze me every week. Love it all my sweet friend. Hope your week is sunshine and roses.
    Janet's Creative Pillows

  16. Hi Caroline,, I am a little late for show and tell this week. I love the tidy bags. Especially that fabric. Its so pretty and modern too. I can see it appealing to alot of age groups. The tiny shoes are so cute. The crazy quilt door hanger is cute too! I had a look around at the card site too. Very pretty.
    I cant wait to see whats next. I know you must be having a great time with Shiloh!
    (()) Gail


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