Sunday, 26 June 2011

Monday again

Am sure some days go missing each week and instead of 7 days down to about 4, could do with 10 in a week. Well my 'To Do' list is not shrinking, keep getting distracted by other ideas so go off at a tangent and do not complete what I should. Onto Handmade Monday and Show and Tell this week my aim was to make myself some clothes, don't like what I see in the shops and as have an ottoman full of fabric thought save some money, so my makes:

Kaftan in a fine cotton voile with beading round the yoke, this caused quite a few problems as my eyesight for small things is not brilliant and the pesky little creatures kept flying off the tray but got there in the end

and then another kaftan, this time nothing round the yoke as despite my sewing room representing a well stocked shop (so DH says) could not find the right trim, so trawling the almost non-existent habi shops this week, plus added some trousers in a linen mix, made in the rugby style with the stitched seams down the front, think this strengthens the knees.

Demo for the Mencap Make With Me campaign sorted and posted, they approached me this week to get involved very honoured, have done some tags as fun and easy to make, no folding and can use up all those left over stickers bought because I like the look of them and never used, what did I say about a shop?

Also have to do a display photo for the Get Britain Trading campaign if anyone is interested in joining the pledge and adding your site, it all helps to promote your business, here is the link:

Get Britain Trading

Please check out the other blogs at

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some wonderful talented people out there.

I was awarded the Versatile Blogger this week and a big thank you to Martha of After Hours for the award, I was also able to nominate some favourite blogs for the same award, in case you missed it the post is below this one and the award goes to:

Janet's Creative Pillows
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Ink & Sheep

Going to visit with our new fur baby this Thursday, he will be 3 weeks and 4 days, calling him Shiloh, DH was a Virginian fan, some of you may be too young to remember this.

Have a good week crafting all and enjoy the good weather in between the showers.



  1. Yes, I think days are going missing somehow. Well done on the clothes making front! And how cute is that puppy???!!

  2. The kaftan looks great, I think I need one for myself for this glorious weather, they look so cooling.

    Jan x

  3. I know what you mean about having too many ideas and no focus. Your clotes will be perfect if this weather keeps up.

  4. The kaftans are gorgeous-just what we need for summer,and I love Shiloh,how cute!

  5. Love the kaftans! For someone who 'missed a few days' you have been mega busy! There is no such thing as too many crafting goodies! I try telling my hubby but he doesn't see it that way either!

  6. Totally agree about the weeks getting shorter - don't know what is happening, I seem to be starting earlier, finishing later and still the week goes quicker!

    Loving Shiloh and can't wait for more photos...

    Ali x

  7. Your new outfits are very lovely and perfect for the summer heat. You are making me feel like such a slackard over here! You got alot done in your abbreviated week, lol.
    Patricia Rose-A Potpourri

  8. Lovely dressmaking skills, know what you mean about the eyes though!

    I always fancied Doug Mclure rather than James Drury... Friday nights when I was a child!

  9. Caroline

    The kaftan is beautiful!

    Have a beautiful week.

  10. Wow.. you really did have a productive week. I love everything, but the roses caftan is gorgeous. Great job!

    Your new baby is adorable. I bet you can't wait to get him in your arms.

  11. I would love to be able to make my own clothes, I envy you!
    And awwww ! Shiloh is so cute. He looks like my pug when he was a pup.


  12. Hi Caroline,
    You did a great job on your kaftans! I bet they are very cool and comfy! Shiloh is just adorable! There is nothing like a new puppy! I hope you have a nice week!

    Shabby Shan's Cottage

  13. Hi Caroline:) I love your new clothes you made. Boy there really is no end to your talent:) Love them! Your new puppy is Sooooo sweet. I know you cant wait to get him home. (())
    Thanks for the Versitle blogger award :) I hope you have a dry and pretty weather week! Have fun.

  14. Oh I love the kaftan, and I'm sure the beading was well worth it!! X

  15. OK, I'm in love with Shiloh, and I'm sure not too young to remember The Virginian! I love your makes, but I can't stop thinking about that puppy. Pauli will be watching carefully for more pictures... ;)

  16. I think we all need more days ... the weeks fly by faster every year! Love the new clothes!!! Great job. The puppy is so sweet. And thank you so much for the award!!

  17. Your fur baby is so cute. What does he weigh in at now? Kaftans are certinly what we need in this weahter right now.

  18. Totally agree - there must be a day thief. Think there is a night one too - I just get into bed and close my eyes for a second...and it's day again! Grrr.

    Endlessly jealous of your skill, new wardrobe, and gorgeous puppy. Anna x

  19. I'd like to give you the One Lovely Blog Award, the details are on my page. x

  20. something on my blog for you x


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