Sunday, 26 June 2011

Make With Me A Mencap Campaign

Welcome to a Tag tutorial, hopefully quite a simple exercise but fun.

You will need luggage tags (available from most stationery shops)
Silicone Glue and a glue stick
Patterned paper
Stamps and ink
Paper Punch flower shape
Plain paper
Crystal stickers
Brush or sponge
Ribbon (I used organza)

1. Remove the string from the tags and using a brush or sponge dab some ink around the outsides of the tag, blending into the centre.

2. Take your stamp, I chose a scroll pattern and using the same ink stamp at random around the tag, make sure some of the stamped design goes off the edges as looks better.

3. Taking the patterned paper tear a small rectangle, making sure it fits on your tag and stick down with a glue stick. Does not have to be precise the more random the better.

4. Add your stickers to your tags, again no set place to put them just as you feel looks good.

5. Take the paper punch and punch out approx 3 flowers per tag, placing something in odd numbers always looks better to the eye.

Using silicone glue, tab a small amount on the centre of each flower and stick to your tag

6. Add some crystal stickers to the centres of the flowers

7. cut a length of ribbon approx 48cm (19"), fold in half and pass the loop from back to front through the whole at the top of the tag

8. Pass the loose ends through the loop and pull tight, neaten the ribbon ends by cutting at an angle across, this stops fraying.

9. Add a paper flower (in my case a rose) to the top near the ribbon. Tag finished.

Tags are fun and easy to make, no folding can be given as a gift and used for bookmarks.

To see more of the Make with Me and Bake With Me campaign check the Mencap website

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  1. I think this tutorial is fantastic and i've included it in my blog post on gift tags. I hope that's ok.
    Lisa x


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