Sunday, 30 June 2019

Handmade Monday #133

An odd week weather wise warm on some days then so humid with thunder storm and needed the lights back on! Typical British summer that we have grown to expect. On the plus side the garden shrubs are growing at a rate of knots and looking so good.

Back to a daily life for me:

Sunday 23rd

Updated and published my blog, long overdue and had not realised how long I had been awol. Must do better!

Made up the finger rosaries today and happy with how they turned out. Plus started some of the rosary mini zip bags.


Dreaded housework part 1


Trip to M & S food, spent too much but that was DH's fault. Farm shop on the way home for some plants.


Housework part 2, still hate it!!!!


Finished the rosary mini bags


Free standing lace cross bookmarks. A 50th anniversary gift and card which I cannot show yet see Handmade Monday #136


Photography and blog update, so hot today so did not do much of anything.


Blog publish

Looking back did not do much at all last week, did spend a lot of time in the garden, planting etc. Need to water the pots twice a day atm. Off for a relaxation day.

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