Sunday, 23 June 2019

Handmade Monday #132

A three week break and have been sorting my craft supplies, done about 15% and still a long way to go. Plus my mojo went AWOL. However, on Monday the 10th, did masses of cutting out as on my sort found some fabric I had forgotten about. Stags, foxes, hedgehogs and fairies. 4 tote bags, 4 clutch frame bags, 2 make up bags, 5 lavender sachets. Not to forget 2 children’s skirts.

On Thursday started sewing and finally by Saturday had a lot to show for a few days enjoyable work.






Met up with a dear friend for coffee Tuesday 11th and talking to her my thinking changed. She is at a crossroads in that her website has been closed and she now can make decisions as to what is next. I suggested to take her time and enjoy the freedom making decisions when she is ready. I decided to follow my own advice and do things that bring me joy, are not a trial. Creating makes me happy but have always set myself deadlines which make me stressed. It is okay to step away and enjoy life as it is now, in this moment. DH has long been at me to do what I want to do, not what I feel I should do. I digress slightly in that having this new outlook I have achieved more than I have for a long time. Next week may take a break either way I will go with the flow.

Made the decision to give up on events apart from the 1 local one I have been doing for years. Then saw a post on Hampshire Crafters on FB that a lady is looking at renting a pop up unit in a local Farm Shop only about 3 miles away. Have requested more details and will see costs etc and if I am accepted. Update application form sent off, not sure I will get in as noticed contemporary and not really contemporary, will wait and see.

Well that is it for an inspirational and productive week, let’s hope many more to come.

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  1. I'm the same Caroline, I give myself all sorts of deadlines! I completely agree that we should feel able to step away as and when is needed - good advice!


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