Wednesday, 3 April 2019

Books, books and more books my haven

I love books and can never get enough of them. Admit to not reading them all, at the moment but I will get through them gradually. I have a large library of craft books and having read an article in my favourite magazine 'Victoria' by Writer in Residence Carole Rizzoli on Sunday made me realise I am not alone. 

I do remember the first books I read, Briar Rose by James H Fassett. My Mother always read to me at night. One evening my Dad went past my bedroom and heard me reading, he called to Mum to come and watch. She noticed that yes I was reading word for word but had the book upside down! Over the years I this had become my favourite book and had managed to learn all the words by heart. Loved the Famous Five and Secret Seven, anything that had a bit of mystery.

This genre carried on with me until about 8 years ago when for some reason my reading changed, still love Agatha Christie's Miss Marple. Now love books that involve a business Vanessa Greene, Caroline Roberts and Jane Linfoot to name 3. Prefer something a bit more genteel not so vivid as a modern murder mystery. Also love Auto Biographies and over Christmas read Jo Malone.

Now going back to books, Craft books in particular. I have plenty do sort them sometimes and pass to the local Charity shop. Has to be a book. Something that you can open with the spines all crisp and intact. An iBook does not cut it and find this way of reading boring, whilst a book in an armchair with the fire alight, cup of coffee to hand is perfect.

Have most of the books published by the Stampington magazine 'Women In Business', see a trend here? Love to read about other craft women, see their studio's and the path they have followed. What inspires them and how against adversity carry on going.

Do you have books? or prefer and iPad or Kindle? Do you remember your first books?

Read Carole's article Here

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