Sunday, 11 March 2018

Handmade Monday

Well the snow has finally gone, we now have rain. I quite enjoyed the down time with the snow and no one going in and out of our road. So quiet and peaceful. The village was silent apart from the sounds of sledges being pulled along by long suffering Dad's. Feet crunching in the snow, walking dogs or going to the village shop for supplies. Fire lit and the house had a cosy glow. Got through 3 books along with some creating.

Had loads of 'bits' left over from my card sets, did not want them going to waste and found I had some mini cards in stock. Used up a load of the toppers and ended up with 20 cards.

For Julia: Found my large sheet of sticky pads, in a drawer which I had checked, honestly. I now have a plethora of sticky pads all together in one place, lol. Problem so happy I found these that forgot what I was searching for, put it down to age, lol.

Projects this week?


Age Birthday card sample, several fairy types to select from and made to order


Again a sample and made to order


3 designs all personalised as required.


Finally a mixed media canvas entered into a challenge. Keeping this one for my own sewing room, even DH was impressed.

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Looking back cannot believe how much I have achieved this week, funny how some weeks are more productive than others.

Have a fun week x


  1. I'm so pleased you found your sticky foam pads, I knew you would!! Now you have a 5 year supply by the sound of it.
    Your cards are lovely, actually at this rate of production maybe you supply will only last 2 years max!!

  2. I do like your selection of little fairies. I am sure the wedding cards will be a big success. Sometimes it hard to find anything very individual in the shops.

  3. Bello trabajo !!

    Gracias por compartir...😘


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