Sunday, 25 March 2018

Handmade Monday 68

The snow finally disappeared and then we had a few lovely spring days. this enabled us to clean the inside of the car (dog's fault full of fur), get some gardening done and lots of long dog walks. Even had a go on the new village outdoor gym, staggered home and had to have a lie down, lol. Dog looked bemused by the whole fiasco.

This week's makes, started an altered book and finally got it finished, for my first attempt very happy

Ordered some Zutter wire cutters in pink, arrived in white. Now I know this is a small thing but does annoy me when these large companies do this, clearly shows pink in the title of the item, so complained. If as a small business I did this I am sure customers would not be happy and would think me un-professional. Unless clearly stated colour lucky dip, which it did not. Update they do not have the pink have let me have the white and refunded the money paid.

Still using my planner and working, did have a few weeks when I forgot and low and behold ended up procrastinating far too much. It does work. Have now cleared my worktable and stood said planner at the back so I can get to it easily and complete each day.

Some more makes and more A6 notebooks. The book binding cradle arrived and must admit so much easier to make sure the holes are in the correct place for the stitching.

Notebooks completed so far and really on a roll with these.

Post it note clipboards also done

Next project: Mini canvas with rice paper as the background and lace stitched butterflies added. Will try 4 to begin with and see how I go.

Another project planned mini dream catchers

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Until next week, have fun x

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  1. That altered book is just lovely, I've not seen anything quite like it. Gorgeous!


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