Sunday, 19 November 2017

A week of doing nothing.....

Another Handmade Monday and now only 36 days until Christmas.

What have I been doing this week? well basically nothing, so shocking! Did order some linen and silk which arrived for my Wedding collection next year. 

Posted a lot of old stock onto Ebay. Got a sale of a bag within 30 minutes. Sadly selling a lot cheaper than I should but want to clear the space for new makes.

Talking about new makes my head is buzzing and have to carry a notebook or phone with me to write or tell Siri to keep a note of ideas. In fact I have overworked Siri this week and think she is getting a bit petulant with me, lol. She will have to get over it.

Bought some amazing embroidery designs, ideal for cards but so special and cannot wait to start them. Am giving myself a break until Christmas starts as still have a lot of wrapping to do, mounts to cut to hold some sheet music for DH and some Game of Thrones trading cards. Vouchers to buy and parcels to post off. Will make a start on the Christmas cards today.

I have a plan for a day then in a blink of an eye find myself in bed and realise did not complete half of what I had planned. Not even sure where the hours went and convinced either I am getting slower or less minutes in each hour.

So many of my crafting friends are struggling at events this year with sale, events which have proved fruitful in years past. Wonder how it will impact on the high street if sales will be down or a mad rush of spend, spend, spend on Christmas Eve. A lot of crafters who do this for a living are having to decide can they continue or some having to take part time work to pay the bills. Very sad and would hate to see the demise of handmade. I do feel though that so many have jumped on the crafting gravy train thinking an easy way to earn a buck. Churn out goods not really up to spec, give up and move on, leaving others to try to pick up the pieces and convince the public that there are some excellent craftsmen and women out there, who genuinely love what they do and are good at it.

Have a good week


  1. I have just ordered you tree ornament, I love handmade ornaments for our Christmas tree. Every year I buy one new thing to add to the existing ones :).

  2. It doesn't really sound like nothing to me. Planning and researching ideas is all part of the creative process.

  3. *sigh*!
    I could do with a week of nothing... But REAL-LIFE keeps tossing a spanner into it!
    BTW, I totally agree with your Craft-Selling opinions. I just did my last of the regular 2 shows that I do on Saturday. 100+ vendors. Loads of People despite the nasty weather. But sales were sporatic. "FOOD" vendors did well, but most of the other crafters only did just above "table". Then again, I did manage to do somewhat better than LAST year! Just broke even then. Although, THIS year I did far better at the small Church sale than this Large one. Strangely, at both my best seller was my Washcloths..? Sold at least 70% of my current inventory! No complaints with that, however it's my blankets that I want to "move"... [If I had a Nickel from everyone who had "petted" them, I would've made "table"!]
    Actually, I'm seriously contemplating on JUST selling washcloths next year! [I have over a 100 different colours] And, perhaps some other "smalls" IF I get the time [haha] to do them in the Spring..?
    Anyhoo, have another week nothingness for ME!

  4. Doing nothing??? That doesn't sound like you! Normally you are the busiest crafter I know! A rest before the Christmas rush is probably a good thing.


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