Sunday, 24 September 2017

Hello from a chilly Hampshire

Welcome to another week of my musings and creations. This week has been more productive and sure something to do with putting the heating on and not stuffed into about 3 jumpers!

Diary of the week:

Sunday - Stitched out 18 Teachers Thank You apple key fobs

Monday: Santa Milk and Cookies mug rugs were on the 'To Do' list but then realised had not got any red and green plain fabric. Sure I had some but must have used last year. Ordered.

Tuesday: Went and saw my sister, spent the morning chatting, sorting out her iPhone calendar and looking at the wonderful embroidery she has been doing. The plain red and green fabric arrived that is what I call excellent service, next day delivery.

Wednesday: Spent the morning updating the paypal app for my events. Have to make sure have photos, prices, options etc takes a while to do and something I must try to do after each item made. Trouble is some items are purely for events and do not go on my website, plus the other way round. Thinking about it I could post to paypal anyway just in case. If I did an open day would have everything on display anyway. Must add to my list of things to do after each creation.

Thursday: got on and made 4 of each of the Feltie pins - Fox cub, lamb and a cute mouse. Mounted onto some tags that have had hanging around for some time.

Friday: Milk and cookie coasters

Saturday:  Reindeer and dragon pins 4 of each, plus painted and decorated some mini pumpkins. All in all not a bad week for creating.

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Until next week......


  1. Such a lovely collection of makes this week Caroline. You have been really busy!

  2. Another fantastically productive week Caroline! Those little felt pinnies are just too cute!

  3. You are always so organised and productive; I love your pins, they are very cute :).


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