Sunday, 3 September 2017

A week in my crafting shoes

Thought would do something different this week and take you through a journey of my crafting week, day by day.

Monday - Found some head bands and pony tail bands, not sure when I got them but thought may as well use up for the fairs this year.

8 X knot bow hair bands

12 X knot bow pony tail bands

Tuesday - Cleaning upstairs. It is official I hate housework with a passion. Knitting.

Tuesday/Wednesday - New project started and knitted 1 pair this afternoon, a cute pair of bootees/sneakers

Wednesday - A trip to M & S food, spent more than I should but so many goodies, afternoon more knitting.

Thursday - Matinee jacket. Bought the yarn for this but somehow ran out, panic set in but the supplier had 3 balls left of the correct dye lot. Got another ball delivered Saturday and after knitting like mad all done. The dark teal ribbon arrived today and looks good, had to order by eye as online but happy with how it turned out.

Friday - Bandanna for Shiloh, he was not a professional model and acted like a Diva spending most of the time sticking his tongue out.

Posted to Facebook and got an order for 2 within 5 minutes, now that is what I call productive advertising.

Saturday - Order for the 2 bandannas done, all packaged up for posting later today.
Blog updated all ready for Sunday and now the start of a new week.

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  1. What a lovely week you had! I think this is a great idea - to share your week with your readers/ followers :).

  2. You are busy busy, it's actually really helpful to see it all set out like this. You seem so productive every week and now I can see how. Even time for housework!


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