Friday, 7 July 2017

Bows, Paperclips, Pegs and another knitted bodice dress

Been a productive week or two as did not blog last week but gave myself a mini home holiday. The temperatures have been rising again and could do with some rain to clear the air and help the gardens. Watering every day but tap water is not the same as rain water.

On the making front another baby dress, this time in lilac with a pretty flower fairy print

Now onto pocket money makes:

Flower pegs, ideal for keeping those papers tidy

Butterfly paperclips, no office can be without these

Glitter and fancy hair bows, on alligator clips

Lastly some travel sewing kits, perfect fit for a small handbag.

Apart from the dress these are not on my website but if interested just drop me  message via my contact details on my website.

Back to making some more owl paperweights, filled with rice and the perfect size for keeping loose sheets of paper safe.

Until next week, stay cool and have fun

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  1. The little paperclips are so sweet, they must be popular with people who are into the whole planners thing. I'd love to see the owl paper weights if you get chance to share them, I've always loved owls.


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