Sunday, 27 November 2016

Local Christmas Fair

I have been attending the Headley Christmas Fair for years, small local event but worth doing normally, this year? an unmitigated disarrster. Lovely atmosphere, music playing, laughter, chatter but no sales to write home about. Have I reached the end of the road for this event? I think so. A shame but must not let my heart rule my business head.

Talking to another regular we notice that a lot of new stallholders, now that is okay but sadly without the Arford and Liphook WI, who bring in a lot of members, the sales were way down. Too many cake stalls, stalls selling things cheap which made my prices seem expensive. I may ask questions next year and mention to Jo that without the WI and the Lions it is lacking a certain something.

Couple of photos and a case of hunt the customers:

Time to move on and only one more event for me to do, then I can pack away until the New Year. Fingers crossed the Home and Vintage Brocante fairs better for the stallholders, if like the last two should be good, plus all in all not bad for advertising myself and my product line

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Until next week  by which time we should have our Christmas tree and decorations up, such big kids but just love Christmas.

Have fun


  1. Did you see the blog post aimed at craft fair organizers? Its been share n FB a few times, lots of thought about what makes a good fair, including people sharing fair prices for their products, ensuring teddys aimed at children pass EU regulations etc... Hope your last two fairs go well:)

  2. I have noticed over on f'book that a lot of people were very disappointed in the craft fairs they were doing, with either no sales or little sales. Such a shame.

  3. What a shame, it's hard to give up on an event that you have enjoyed in the past. Maybe as this door closes another will open to new fantastic opportunities.

  4. It is dispiriting when a fair does not go well. I wonder if it is partly because there are more places for people to buy and sell online.


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