Sunday, 11 September 2016

A week to go

Only 1 more week until my first event of the year, already packed just have to make my lunch and take some drinks. 

Love these large bags but do have plastic boxes inside them to keep stock separate but find easier than boxes.

Been poorly this week so not done much on the making front but scheduling a lot of things 'To Do' in the New Year. Started a scheduling journal for the months of Jan, Feb and Mar. Not just on the crafting front but Birthday cards to make, sorting all my fabric and making it easier to find lengths I know I have but cannot find. Finally going to clear the top loft and resort the small loft. May even schedule a boot sale, if can pluck up the courage to go. Might ask my next door neighbour who is doing the same big sort, if she would like to go with me, 2 are better than 1 after all, even if we take 2 cars. Have used Evernote as my planning schedule, fun and easy to use.

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Until next week when hopefully should have a far more interesting blog post, with pic's of all the lovely stalls


  1. You look so organised I hope it goes well. I love that even your bags for carting your stock about are pretty!

  2. Good luck at your fair Caroline. I have big bags like those too.


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