Sunday, 4 September 2016

A week of planning and prep

Have spent some of this week, well the last 2 days and all of next week prepping for my first event of the year. 

Set up my display at home first as a 4ft instead of a 4ft table. In some ways I prefer the smaller table. Spent quite a bit of time tinkering and planning replacement stock but got there. 

This week checking have pic's of all the items plus descriptions, prices and quantities to add to the paypal app. Must charge the card reader, that is a job and a half as a bit hit and miss.

Next week may do some more sewing or may not, depends how I feel just go with the flow. Starting up the wedding line again for launch in the New Year (blame Vicky). Whilst it seems plenty of time, not sure about you but I find the days just fly past. Only 112 sleeps until Christmas and I still have gifts and cards to make, eek!

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That's all folks, see you next week, have a good one


  1. It all looks beautiful, good luck for the event.

  2. Your stall looks lovely. I could never get all my stock on a 4ft stall, how do you do it? lol!
    Good luck with your fair xxx

  3. Good luck at your event. Your table looks lovely.

  4. Your stall looks so pretty, good luck at the vintage fair, sounds like you'll fit in just fine! :)

  5. It looks beautiful. I have some gorgeous pictures of the things you sent me for the wedding, am waiting for one particular photo to show you how one item was amazing.

  6. Your still looks stunning! Lots of Luck at the Vintage Fair. Creative Blessings, Tracy x


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