Sunday, 7 August 2016

Chrochetterie a Review

A different blog from me this week as I have been approached by Jacqui Small LLP to carry out a review of a new book, soon to hit the bookshelves. 

 Chrochettiere by Molla Mills 

My package arrived and excitement on opening, a hardback book which I feel for crafting is a must as stands up to constant use and referral. The cover is attractive and made me want to open and check out the contents. Well the inside did not disappoint, the book has been written for men to understand crochet, now don't be put off as I think goes across both genders with ease. From a woman's' point of view the men pictured did not put me off but to me means if they can crochet we can as well.

The whole books is refreshing and the projects easy to follow and understand. The codes were a brilliant idea as again easy to see what was easy and what was not so. Done with crochet hooks ie 1 means simple 3 needs more experience. The list of requirements was perfect even for a crochet novice such as myself.

The projects were fun and such a change than the normal crochet designs of doilies and circles, more modern and suitable for the times. The toiletry bag would make an ideal gift for a man or woman at Christmas. In particular for men who let's face it are never the easiest to handmake for.

Lumberjack Backpack, very on trend and love the pattern as again a perfect idea for a man whether in the country as shown or for a city break.

I also loved the 'Basic Instructions' Chapter. Have just shown the starting point and chain stitch but goes onto double crochet and how to stitch back and forth, double crochet in a tube, more in between to Pixel Crochet.

These were some of the best instruction I have ever found on how to start with a hook and a ball of yarn.

I would highly recommend this book for either men or women if you want up to date projects and a new and fun way to view crochet. Plus if like me you want to learn just right. As you have gathered I think this book is fantastic, so check the bookshelves in your local stores and maybe add to your Christmas list.

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  1. Nice to see some different projects for a change - a lot of books have the same types of things as each other. For me though I find I don't want pages on how to crochet as I already can do it! Cant seem to leave a comment with my name and website, only a google link? (

  2. I really like both the projects you have featured. Nice that crochet can look so cool.

  3. Nice to see a different style of crochet book, away from the frilly and pretty items. How exciting to basket able to review a book x

  4. A lovely book with lots of great projects. Thanks for sharing


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