Sunday, 21 August 2016

Almost Christmas

Only 125 days until Christmas, that is under 6 months now. Love Christmas and although just the 2.5 of us still make it fun. Are you ready yet? I still have some gifts to make, really should be having a go at those as think stock all done now for the Vintage fair.

Table coverings

This is always a hard one and decided needed something new, bought about 5 m's of pink sheeting and have made a 4ft covering and a 6ft one. The front hems have curtain weight strips inside, this should stop the cloth wafting up if in a draft. All done, folded and labelled in bags so I know which one to pick up.


Wanted to do some bunting for the front of my stall. Had been going to go for the pointy flags but felt with the lettering they would have been too long and look odd. Again done in 2 words that way can be placed across a 4ft or 6ft table. My new colourings, still have some old labels and cards to use up but will gradually go over to the pink roses again.

Pot Pourri Cup Cakes

These are done IHT (in the hoop) on my embroidery machine and filled with Elizabethan pot pourri, smell delicious. Planning on displaying them on  pretty plate with a fabric doily or may use the card displays I have. Shown here on a teapot, only thing a bit worried about if shown singularly would customers think includes the teapot? Also think they should be boxed once sold to make more special.

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That's all for this week, not as much done as last week but still creating.


  1. I love the pot pourri cup cakes. Never seen anything like them before. I am not thinking about Christmas for a long time yet!

  2. Your bunting is so lovely! Really love the new colour way. Xx

  3. I'm SO not thinking about Christmas yet but I am loving your bunting. that little pot pourri cupcake is adorable too. Maybe a sign to say Display purposes only? People don't always pay attention to signs though do they!

  4. You are so organised!!! Love the bunting:)

  5. They are lovely, and as Vicky said, very organised too. I love the pot pourri cup cakes.


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