Sunday, 12 June 2016

Another week in the life of a crafter

As mentioned last week have a lot of decorating to do, primed and top coated the radiator cover, inside and out. Lee primed the tongue and groove. Then dissarster sttruck the Crown paint we were trying to use to cover the tongue and groove is rubbish, so thin even after 4 coats. Now all covered in white again and off next week to get our normal Dulux paint, stick with what works........

Anyway back to some crafting and Friendship Day gifts and cards, again one of those days that unsure whether works or not but in for a penny etc.

Friend bracelet, simply but a pretty gift to give. Ended up using felt as fabric just gave way under the outline stitching, now much stronger. Love the Kam snaps so easy to apply and all the colours are fantastic.

Some simple but pretty cards

Lavender sachet, this is an ideal small gift, perfect to hang in the car or on a wardrobe handle.

That is all for this week, going to the Guildford Means Business on Wednesday as Jenny from Women only Connected has a stand. Already registered must remember to print off my documents. Leaving Lee in charge of mutt, now that will be fun and games.

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Same time, same place next week. Have fun.


  1. The cards are beautiful Caroline, and I love the little lavender sachet too.

  2. What a shame about the paint, I always thought crown was pretty good :-(
    Those little sachets are really cute, everyone must know someone that they would be perfect for!

  3. I love the lavender sachets. A bit annoying about the paint!

  4. Hope the GUildford means business goes well for you:)

  5. Your bracelets are adorable! xx

  6. Those cards are just beautiful! And the sachet is lovely. I might try making one for my stinky car!


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