Sunday, 19 June 2016

A week of not doing what I should have

Do you ever has those weeks when you have a 'To Do' list as long as your arm but end up not clearing anything off said list? Well that has been me this week, okay I did start and complete an order for 30 change of address cards plus a 70th Birthday card, not to forget a New Home card for Lee and I to send. So the things I ended up doing were not on the list but customers come first and the order came in on the 10th. Had to wait and see if a new number would be issued by BT before the main print of the cards but everything else done. The customer a long, long standing one as an old school friend and yes before you say it that was a very long time ago since schooldays but still stay in touch.

Visited the Guildford Means Business Expo at the Surrey Sports Park on Wednesday. Jenny from Women only Connected had a stall to try to get WoC out to a wider audience. Popped in and said Hello! had a chat to see how she was doing.

Not been to the Sports Park before and oh boy it is vast. Missed the Harlequins training at the front today as think they are down under. Did not think I was going to find the car park as hate roundabouts. Good job I went early as when I left the car park was full and grateful drivers were chasing down the leavers, lol. Even the overflow was full, very busy inside and a lot of business's represented.

Back to making downloaded a list of 'Day's' and found that Sister's Day is next, never heard of it but as have a sister thought would be churlish to ignore. Sometimes these 'days' may sound gimmicky but then again could be an idea to boost sales.

Selection cards and a lavender sachet

Same place next week and another busy week ahead but most of that will be spent sewing. Which means should have more to show and tell about next week.

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  1. I've never heard of sisters day! Your cards look just tight for it though so good luck with sales.
    Ali (

  2. I have many of those need to do days, but don't do anything! Although you got a lot done with various cards, very pretty.

  3. Sister's Day is a new one on me, what will they think of next?! You have made some pretty cards for those who are marking it though.

  4. The sister cards are beautiful.

  5. For someone who didn't get anything on their 'to do' list done you really got a lot of things done! Happens to me too and I have been known to add new items to 'to do' list just so I can cross them off! Your sister card designs are so cute :D

  6. I've spent the last few weeks procrastinating... otherwise known as laziness :) Love the card designs, they'd be great for birthdays too x

  7. Never herd of sisters day :s apparently there is a day called daughters day??? i thought that would be everyday lol well done on making a list - very organised and never know what sale you could get xx


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