Sunday, 13 March 2016

Exciting Times

Thursday arrived and by that point had worked myself up into an excited lather of bubbles. Jim brought my new machine and it is wonderful. Unpacked on Thursday but kept control of myself and read through the instruction book first, not that different from my old one. Configured a USB stick and downloaded my first projects.

Rose Applique Tote Bag

Loved making this and the shaped top makes a bit different

Scissor case, this was a special order so had to be done first, forgot to take a picture but have posted them before.

Vintage style baby bib, did not use the applique bunny that came with the design but added a vintage teddy bear instead, Katie for a girl and Salty for a boy.

Verdict so far love this machine, gives me a much larger embroidery area without having to flip the hoop over, then trying to line up designs etc. Faster which means I get more stitching done in the time

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Back to playing have found some mini notebooks bought a few years back, these will have covers by the end of the week. Some debit, credit and loyalty card cases with a zipped compartment. could do with one of these myself, all these loyalty cards. has no one thought of combining them all onto one card would certainly make my purse lighter.

Have a good week


  1. WOW what a lovely machine, and you are certainly putting it to good use!

  2. Oh. you lucky thing. I always go straight in with things and forget the instruction book leave that to DH to figure out! haha. Lovely work and the bag is gorgeous.

  3. What beautiful work. There will be no stopping you now.

  4. Good for you for having the patience to read through the instruction book :) I can see that you are going to busy, I love having new things to play / work with :)

  5. wow nice machine!! love the bunny on the bib and the rose bag is just gorgeous!

  6. The bibs are adorable and I'm sure that they'll be very popular with people who love all things vintage.

  7. I love the bag, it's so pretty.

  8. I love your new machine! I can see you're going to do more amazing work with it!


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