Sunday, 20 March 2016

A fantastic and busy week

What a fantastic week weather wise, although a northerly wind at times the sun has been out most days, with clear blue skies. Gives me a boost of energy and with my sewing room window open to listen to all the birds, seem to get more done.

I am on a roll with this new machine and been busy this week making all sorts of goodies. No piece of fabric is safe.

Straw Hat bag

Charlie Chaplin Tote with one of his quotes

Baby Owl Bunting

Wanted something a bit different for this and ordered some Vintage Circus print. Happened to get the newsletter the same day with this new fabric. Do you think someone was trying to tell me something? Should have done by next week

Mug Rug

This is for a friend and owner of Women Only Connected, her logo is a straw hat and colours pink and white. Posted off already so should receive by Tuesday. Jenny works tirelessly to promote WOC. If you would like a free advert take a look at the website and join, if you would like an invitation just email me. No fee for joining.

Finally a Birthday card for one of Lee's cousins, not until 24th April but already behind as had hoped to be up to October by end of March.... This new machine is getting in the way, lol.

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That's all for this week folks. Not sure how much will be done next week as have the dreaded dentist. only a check up but if she gets the drill out will run. another trip to the hospital and all in all a busy week.

Thank you for stopping by.


  1. Love love love the charlie chaplin bag! :D straw hat bag is cute x

  2. Spring really has sprung hasn't it?!
    I love how you say no piece of fabric is safe - what a lovely thought!

  3. Wow, You have been very busy this week. Those circus fabrics are lovely.

  4. Wow I love all your creations. The hat bag is gorgeous with the colors and embellishments. My best to you, Pat xx

  5. No fabric is safe...LOL That sounds like me with YARN and crochet! Although I have been very good lately about NOT buying more yarn for my stash and using what I have or buying only specific yarn for specific projects. I LOL at the Chaplin bag! How fun!

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