Sunday, 8 November 2015

My machines were calling

Okay I had said was not going to make anything until next year but after the Home and Vintage fair last week felt inspired, plus my machines were sitting looking so lonely and just called to be plugged in. A vintage inspired make, these lavender sachets are done in white linen and silk, the cutwork design is done on my embroidery machine. The cut areas can be left open but I thought a touch of shell pink silk looked so vintage in styling.

A stitch artist sent me another cutwork design and decided to add both green and pink to this one, a bit fiddly but got there in the end.

When clearing MIL's home there were a pile of vintage linens that I just had to keep. Made some lavender sachets from the hankies. The buttons were also in various tins belonging to MIL and know some came from her Mother, so quite old. That was the time when all shirts and tops were never thrown out without taking off the buttons first.

My sewing room smells delicious with the french lavender from the Chateau de la Gabelle, Provence. Must order another kg as think going to be using this a lot.

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If only this rain would go away and we could go back to the crisp but sunny Autumn days of long ago. I love the colours of Autumn but sadly with this murk and mist not seeing much of it.


  1. They are such pretty lavender bags. I love the idea of using hankerchiefs.

  2. These are so pretty! I love how delicate and feminine they are. I always keep buttons :) x

  3. You've made some beautiful things from your MIL's things. A lovely idea to make the most of them.

  4. Those hanky sachets are so sweet.
    Is it sad that I still take buttons off shirts if they are not good enough for the charity shop and are going to become rags!

  5. I love the scent of lavender! These vintage hankies and sachets are divine!

  6. The lavender sachets are adorable so pretty with the slight hint of colour. The smell of lavender is beautiful. ..

  7. bet it smells amazing all that lavender- hope you slept well :P good idea about taking buttons off shirts!


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