Sunday, 1 March 2015

A funny week

This last week has been odd, started off okay and did a few bits and pieces. Wednesday DH started his prep for some tests on Friday, there in lay the problem. The prep is quite intrusive and needless to say he felt sorry for himself, so I had to keep his spirits up and keep him from stewing about what they may find. Trying to be optimistic when someone has a downer is hard, just glad I am on the Anti D's or would have be nye impossible. His hospital visit went fine and apparently he is normal!!! did question the surgeon had he got that bit right, which caused some hilarity, lol.

Back to crafting a Birthday card for a friend, she will have opened by now so safe in posting. The fact that I actually remembered to photograph before posting was a miracle as normally remember when the envelope is sealed and too late.

Used 1 of the Joanna Sheen CD Roms, I love Joanna's CD's they are vintage and just up my street.

Covered some journals and had a strip of fabric left, hard to think what to do with it as though long narrow. Idea some lavender label sachets.

Almost forgot to post the journals added a couple in plain linen.

Final make of the week another t short for me in white, so useful.

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Hope to have a more normal week and achieve a lot more.

NEWS FLASH**** My embroidery machine is back, Yippee!!!! and working better than ever, not sure if I will get any more stitched today but then you never know.

Have a Happy Week Crafters


  1. Aww, i'm glad it was good news from the hospital. Lots of lovely makes as always, i especially like the lavender pillows with their pink ribbons - so bright and cheery :) x

  2. I'm thinking about making a t-shirt this you make your own bias binding for the edges? x

  3. What a beautiful card, I am also terrible at remembering to photograph stuff before sending it. Glad OH is ok

  4. What pretty makes. I really do like the journals. I'd be frightened of spoiling the cover if I used them. Have a lovely week.
    Ali xx

  5. Pleased to hear DH was 'normal' maybe you can relax a little now. Very pretty vintage makes. I particularly like the plain linen book cover as I think it makes the detail stand out :)

  6. Those are lovely sachets and journal covers. Have I said In love the vintage patterns, too? 😊

  7. Wow, what a creative week! I especially love the lavender label bags and journal covers. Pleased to hear the tests went well x

  8. Your card is lovely but I love the journals you have created. They're beautiful.

  9. All so pretty, I love your fabric. Popping by from Handmade Monday

  10. Those journals are beautiful. I might try to make a cover for my diary, it's very boring :)

  11. What a lovely card! so glad you remembered to take a pic! looks great! I've never plucked up the courage to use a CD lol will do one day! (my printer never prints how I want so puts me off a bit!) xx


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