Tuesday, 13 January 2015

New Look and a New Year

For some snow and others mizzle and fog, in fact typical British weather.

A New Year time to plan, look back what worked what did not. Planning for events coming up in the first half of the year: Valentines Day, Mothering Sunday and Easter. Looking forward to the Spring my favourite time of year when flowers reappear hidden in dark soil for the winter, tete a tete, crocus, and Hyacinth. The birds wedding day then a deluge of babies chasing Ma and Pa round the garden.

A new look for my website and blog, gone back to PINK and polka dots, both of which I love. Have felt the plain white a bit clinical and had to choose a colour. Did consider others but at the end of the day it had to be Pink. My new ranges will include other colours but muted such as pale turquoise, green, pale blue, taupe, winter white and maybe just maybe a splash of red (so Nordic) with the odd bit of lilac. I find these base colours so calming and whilst do not suit everyone makes my focus so much better than dodging from one colour to another. Have also been reading up about websites and one of the recommendations is keep your products colour coded, you will then get to be known by those colours. Fabric not in these colours will be put on ebay, hopefully someone will be happy with them and put to good use.


Finally finished the Easter selection will be adding to my site under the heading Spring, another new idea split the site into seasons, with the current season at the top. As we all know us makers all work ahead of the game so Spring it is. Okay back to mug rugs, bunny egg cosies (so cute), lavender bunnies, lace Easter baskets, (ideal for mini eggs) Easter bunting, non fattening chocolate bunny earrings (guilt free) and finally a few applique bunny cards.

When using the blue print for the mug rug edges found these lovely tea cup prints on one side. Not to waste made into sachets and filled with delicious lavender

Now onto my next projects not sure what they may be yet but starting a Christmas gift early and thinking of sun, sea, sand gentle waves lapping on the beach. In a blink of an eye summer will be here.

Have a good week


  1. Lovely bright fresh stuff you have there, Caroline. A great start to the year!

    1. Thank you for stopping by Glenville and Bro, your comment is appreciated


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