Thursday, 1 January 2015

Happy New Year and a fun take on creativity

Happy New Year to you all and wishing us all a prosperous new year with good health.

2015 is here hope you are not too worse for wear after the celebrations last night. I love a New Year to open a new diary and yes do start a new ideas notebook, turning a new leaf, time to plan for new products. Working on Easter atm and that is coming along nicely, in fact ahead of the game. Wonder how long that will last until panic sets in as I discover only have a few days left to my first event.

I love being Creative and my passion is to make. Not everyone gets that and think I am a bit weird. Sales are not always good but making is part of my life and I love creating. The following are 2 quotes both of which I love. 


10. I'll just get my friend to make me one of those.

9. You know what you should make .......

8. Do I get a price reduction if I buy two?

7. I can make that myself.

6. Why does it cost so much?

5. How do you make this?

4. Will you donate your artwork to our event? We can't pay you but it will be great exposure.

3. My nine year old makes this kind of stuff too.

2. Kids. this is what happens if you don't go to college.

1. I can buy that at Walmart for $3.99 or if in the UK the £ shop.

How many times do you hear these when exhibiting at a show"

I admit I do have a fabric addiction though and this does get out of hand, still does not eat or drink. Well that is what I tell my DH, not sure he is convinced and he does point out that I have 2 rooms filled with my crafting stuff and he is in the smallest room, lol.

See you in 2015

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