Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Lace Flower Jewellery and Flower Girl Bags

These are a new venture, wrap bracelets, all stitched on my machine then adding Swarovski crystals to the centres of the flowers. Delicate and oh so pretty. The idea is they are wrapped around the wrist and fastened with a sterling silver clasp and ring. Perfect for a wedding, summer day or an evening out.

Continuing on with the wedding theme these Flower Girl Petal bags are an alternative to the flower basket and become a keepsake of a special day.

Finishing off Christmas gifts atm and have even started thinking of Christmas 2015, I must be mad I hear you say! well maybe but I get an idea and have to run with it.

Have a good week and hope we get an Indian summer as this is just too cold for mid August.


  1. love the flower girl bags- so cute and different!

  2. Hi just popped over from fb to say hello. Love your makes as I love vintage. Ever so pretty. Im more of a knitter but have bought a sewing machine recently and am now going to become a ninja sewer lol hopefully fingers crossed lol.

  3. Very pretty, loving the wrap bracelets they are so delicate. x

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