Sunday, 10 August 2014

Bunting, bunting and yet more bunting

Okay have gone bunting mad, getting ready for a wedding fair in November, I know still plenty of time but is there? I find the days just whizz past and then a mad rush to get everything done.

I love spots, not sure why maybe because a vintage feel. This fabric I have used before, in fact quite addicted to it, but find it neutral in a funny way, not over patterned and also looks elegant.

Mr & Mrs bunting in a variety of colourways, with delicate pink hearts and the letters done in white with a hint of glitter.

Continuing the bridal theme some lavender sachets for special ladies on a special day

However, realised that the Maid of Honour was spelt Honor, so no good for this side of the pond. Will redo today hopefully, that is if I don't get distracted by other ideas. This is one reason why I make OOAK (One of a Kind) that way my butterfly brain can be satisfied, production line working is not for me.

Should have been working on a 'Happy Christmas' bunting banner but the fabric did not arrive when it should (sorry Kim). However, did not want to waste time and had to get these banners done anyway. Hold that thought fabric now arrived all done and ready to post off:


  1. lovely buntings- esp the xmas one :) those sachets are cute too x

  2. I love the bunting too, I am quite attached to small spotty fabric too.


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