Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Liss Triangle Monthly Market

My second attempt at the Liss market and not too bad, quieter than I think most of us would have hoped but then the weather was awful. Got drenched just taking a box of stock back to the car at the end and must admit if I did not have to go out would have stayed inside in the warm. A lovely lady who wanted some of the golf towels came back as promised from last month, she was happy and now has 3 of her Christmas gifts sorted. Oh the joys of the British weather.

Must admit not sure about this event, I do try to give new events at least 3 tries but as the November date clashes with a long running fair I have been going to my decision is based on just the 2 days. After consideration think that will be it, maybe I am getting too old to deal with the argy bargy to get a table and would rather have a more sedate approach. Next year my plan is to be more internet based I get less stressed as does the husband and not to mention the dog, who seems to think we should be in a pack of 3 at all times 24/7.

A couple of snaps to give a flavour of the morning not exactly a Harrods at sale time type crush:

This week making a start on the 2 ring pillow samples plus some silk covered horseshoes, you never know may have some makes to show in my next post.

I also have a new logo and a fresh look to my website and blog, gone away from colour and kept simple. The reviews so far is that the new look is liked, less fussy


  1. I'm finding that craft fairs and craft markets are becoming more difficult, I do less than I ever have, it seems a lot of work for little gain.
    I still do my favourites but I've found that even they are not bring in as much, people say, oh that's cute/nice/lovely but are not buying.
    On a brighter note, it's lovely when someone returns when they said they would and I love your butterfly logo. :)
    Jan x

  2. Your stall looks nice set up. Sorry the footfall wasn't as expected our weather has a lot to answer for.


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