Sunday, 26 August 2012

Handmade Monday No. 81

Another week of crafting, well sort of just that some days have been far too hot. Now I know we should not moan but if it is not wall to wall rain and cold then so humid that it is uncomfortable and having my mojo back from the unscheduled holiday wanted to work. So a plan get up at 4, awake anyway, work until 6.30 walk the dog back for breakfast then work until about 10.00 Repeated about 7 at night for a couple of hours. So far it is working well, sleep pattern gone to shot as nap in the afternoon but at least I am working. 

Dream Capture Bottles

A bit of recycling here just love these Waitrose salad dressing bottles and had an idea for Dream Capture Bottles, know a lot of fairy wishes around so had to be different. The label is embroidered with 'Capture Your Dreams', lid draped in pink organza tied with pink ribbon. Filled with white crystal organza and Angel Fibre. A pocket tag with a butterfly design and 2 pretty cards printed with a vintage rose design for writing down your dreams. You have to write down your dreams in order for them to come true, keep safe in the pocket and make a wish.

Just need to get through a few more bottles of honey and mustard dressing then can add some more colours to this collection. As Lee will not eat salad (a man thing) going to take some time.

National Women's Friendship Day

On the 15th September it is National Women's Friendship Day a day to pay tribute to those friends who have helped you and honour women who give inspiration to success. Friendship between women is special and should have a place in our busy calendars. I will be paying tribute on my blog to a special friend who means the world to me and has been through so much but is still always there for me. 
What will you be doing and do you want to join me on a link party?

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  1. I love the idea and sound of the Dream Capture bottles - so pretty. Know what you mean about salad (or dislike of it) being a man-thing! Idiots. Like the idea of a Linky Party for National Women's' Friendship Day - what are you planning for everyone to do? Hope you have a good week.

    1. Just so typical of men, no taste!

      Thank you for taking the time to comment, your comment is appreciated.

      The Friendship Day link party, hmm! will post some details on how to join and suggestions as to what to do, plus of course the rules and regs and there will be some as this is a team effort on the 9th

  2. My household would be no good for increasing the supply even without men - two daughters won't touch salad if it's dressed!
    I often find myself looking at empty containers and wondering how to use them so it's great that you've found such a good idea

  3. Love the idea of the dream catcher bottles

  4. I too like the idea of the linky party. I think that the dream capture bottles are a lovely idea. The colours you have chosen are perfectly girly. Brilliant :)

  5. I like the idea of the linky party. I love the dream capture bottles. I think the colour choice is perfect and girly. Love it. (although not to exclude boys but it appeals to my girly side!)

  6. We've not had any of your hot days up here, although we've had a few warm cloudy days with heavy showers just to catch us out. What is it with men and salad?

  7. I'd heard of International Women's Day, because it's on my birthday and my semi-feminist Greek auntie calls me every year to declare 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY! INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY!!!' but I didn't know about National Women's Friendship Day. A link party to recognise it sounds good.

  8. Ooooh, I love your bottle idea. And I know what you mean about buying and eating/drinking something cos you love the shape of the bottle! Luckily for me my son loves to eat small gherkins and I love the shape of the jars and have a stash under the sink all ready to be decorated. I shall have to come up with a different idea to fairies and dreams now! :-) xx

  9. What a great way to re-cycle those unwanted bottles. Could you de-cante the dressing into an old jam jar, then you will be able to make some more!

  10. I'd love to take part in the Linky Party for National Women's Friendship Day....Just lost an online friend to cancer yesterday and although I never physically met her I still feel a loss. Friendship to me is second only to family. xx

  11. what a fun idea to transform your used salad dressing bottles! i have a beautifully shaped olive oil bottle that i am saving until inspiration strikes with an idea of what to do with it! :)

  12. That is so very pretty! Would be such a sweet gift. I find myself keeping any bottle that has a great shape, I've made some things thru the years (a mosaic lamp bottom, a paper mache bottle, etc). One more very good idea, thank you!

  13. This is so pretty, love the colours. Your linky sounds like a great idea.

  14. Lovely makes Caroline as always, and great that you got to recycle too.
    Lovely idea about women's friendship day x


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