Monday, 24 January 2011

What has happened to January?

We are almost at the end of the first month of the year, just do not know where the time has gone. Have I achieved all I wanted to? NO! but must not moan I am happy and healthy so all is right with my little world.

I have a very good friend called Kim, we have never met but over a period of time know we can depend on each other, to offer support when needed, she is always there when I get down, helps me through any crisis however large or small, we email several times a week and know if we ever get a chance to meet will be like an old jumper, comfortable to be with. Wanted to use part of my blog today to ask us all to value friendships we have whether near or far without friends the world would be a lonely place.

The Lavender Collection continues....

I just love these bag frames and the this size is perfect to make for little bags, for evening, during the day or just to hold your treasures and secrets safe.

A couple of hand stamped lavender tags, coloured using pearlised pens, a touch of glitter, butterfly stickers and gems. The lace has been machine stitched to the base of the tag.


  1. Caroline ~

    Kim sounds like a lovely person.

    I absolutely love your Lavender collection, it's beautiful.

  2. Friendships are SO important! I, too, have several computer friends whom I have not met.
    LOVE your new creations - you are SO very talented!
    Hugs across the Atlantic!
    Mary P
    Mary's Cottage Treasures

  3. Your Lavender collection is great for this time for year, just seen my first snowdrop today! summer will be here soon with all the lavender smells :-)


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