Monday, 29 September 2008

Show and Tell Monday

Finally finished the order for some gym bags, I supply a local Girls' school. They are made out of curtain remnants all different colours and patterns. Delivered on Friday. Now onto the next project, my friend and neighbours promotional bag, or perhaps not got distracted..........

Not wanting to waste the offcuts have started to make some more totes, hopefully they will prove popular.

My mind is buzzing at the moment and I have so many ideas, just finished designing and printing patterns for my next projects. Dear Sister has booked a Christmas Gift Evening in October so need to make, make, make for that.

Wedding anniversary today (29th Sept), 29 years, have a lovely day planned, with breakfast at Maison Blanc then a home cooked meal, Sea Bass with a prawn and cream sauce with oven roasted potatoes, DH's favourite. Supposed to be going to a Ladies Networking event in the evening, do not think this will happen as will be over the limit with the wine, have to stay in a watch Captain Jack Sparrow munching through some chocolate heaven fruit centred truffles. Can just about force myself to sacrifice the networking for the truffles, hard decision! NOT!

Check out all the other blogs from Make Mine Pink and catch up on the tales of daring do at 'The Retreat' last weekend, probably with loads of pictures of chocolate.

Whoops posted early!


  1. Caroline,
    The bags are lovely! I hope your 29th Anniversary is the best. I have been married 35 years and each year it just gets better and better.
    Have a lovely blessed day,
    Theresa @ Cottage Violets

  2. Happy Aniversary. the totes are the bomb. so happy and cheerful. the girls will just love them. lilli

  3. Hi Caroline. I'm so glad you mentioned Make Mine Pink on the other forum we use. I made myself a member and trying to catch up with who's who etc. I better get in gear and do a Show and Tell Monday too
    xx Chris

  4. Caroline ~

    I love the gym bags, they are beautiful. Happy Anniversary, have a fantastic day.


  5. Caroline, I just love your totes, the fabrics are gorgeous.

    Well done also on 29 years - not too many of those around these days! Hope you have a fabulous day. Cheers

  6. The totes are so cute. Happy Anniversary!! Pink Hugs Patty

  7. Happy Anniversary!! Enjoy your day and evening. Your bags are lovely.

  8. Wonderful bags I bet the girls will love them! Happy Anniversary, 29 years is wonderful! Have a great week.

  9. Hey Caroline!
    Your gym bags are so pretty. Congratulations on your wedding anniversary. Your dinner sounded divine!
    Have a great week.

  10. Hi Caroline, The gym bags are so pretty. I bet the girls love those! Happy 29th!! Thats awesome, and boy what a great meal you have planned. Enjoy Captain Jack Sparrow,,, I love him!! lol
    Enjoy, (())gail

  11. Your dinner sounds wonderful! My ann. is Oct 16th I would love to do something romantic but with the kiddos who knows.... Wish you the best with your new designs, lovely bags!

  12. Wow, they didn't have gym bags like that when I went to school. Very nice, I'm sure the girls will love them.


  13. Happy Anniversary! That dinner sounds divine!

    Love the totes also!
    Susan *dutchrose*

  14. Hi your bags and love the idea of repurposing the curtains even more! Happy Anniversary....I hope you and your husband have a lovely evening!


  15. Hi Caroline,
    Happy Anniversary to you and your Groom! I saw some old LPs in one of the shops we went in on our trip and I thought of you and your Hubby.

  16. Carolee,
    What beautiful totes. Happy anniversary!

  17. Happy happy anniversary Caroline! Your totes are lovely...beautiful fabric choices....xoxoxo Andie

  18. Hi Caroline! The totes for the school are very nice! What a task!
    A wonderful show and tell.
    Susie of The Polka Dot Rose

  19. Caroline,
    Happy 29th Anniversary! I hope you enjoy your romantic meal and evening with your husband.

    Have a nice week!

  20. 29 years! Wow, that's AWESOME! It sounds like you had a great day of spoiling for the day.

    I'mm loving the gym bags!

  21. Hi Caroline, Happy is always so joyous to hear about long, happy marriages. Your totes are lovely and it is so nice that you have so many order. Now, you must stop with all this talk about food and is making me hungry!!!


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