Saturday, 16 March 2019

V & A Papercraft Magazine Review

Saw this magazine advertised and as love V & A and the Arts and Crafts Movement had to treat myself. £12.99 but as included stamps, die and papers happy with the cost, at the point of ordering.

Arrived and got all excited, then disappointed as the magazine is very flimsy and feels cheap. Used to the Hunkydory magazine which is glossy with beautiful papers etc. The papers themselves are double sided A3 sheets folded in half, so with the crease 2 of each in A4 size. Again these are matt and have a rough texture not what I would have expected from the V & A. Not sure if the choice of paper weight is theirs or the publishers.

The stamp and die set are perfect though so not all lost.

A lot of project ideas included in the magazine if you need inspiration.

Would I buy again? not at the current quality. Would be happy to pay more for a more polished set though

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  1. What a shame that the quality is not what you expected especially for such a price point. At least the stamp set was worthwhile though!


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