Sunday, 10 February 2019

Handmade Monday No. 113

Another handmade Monday number 113 where has the time gone. Thank you Julie for over 2 years of dedication to Handmade Monday.

This week have been working on more baby knits and considering colour schemes. Think may have mentioned this before but several years ago read an article about colours on websites. The advice was to stick to a colour palette throughout for the site and creations. Now I have not followed this but must admit am drawn to certain colours being pink, grey and white:

Love these colours as not a primary girl but pastels all the way. However also love the shades of the sea:

Must admit would be so much cheaper to stick to a colour palette and could buy more of the colours in this range. Instead of running out and then having to panic.

The article stated that you will get a following for those colours and having too many choices make's it harder for customer to choose. I do agree with this as a bit like an over crowded stall, with so many things to buy you end up walking away as cannot make a decision.

For me the New Year is sticking, within reason, to the above colour palettes. Will have to use up bits I have but in the case of wool can make more of these cute bow hats.

A mixed pink random wool jacket with ribbon wrapped edges. It does have my colours in it, so not all bad.

Some more bow hats, using up left over lengths of yarn

Have booked a stall for 3 events this year, may, Oct and Nov. Had not been going to do early in the year but got a round table for £6 and plan to use that to display the party bags and fillers and maybe have a mini sale of certain stock items. This is back to the Liphook Monthly Market but this will decide me if worth doing for another year. Keep going back because friendly, easy and a lovely bright hall. They just need to get a few more buying customer's in and not so many OAP's (which I am almost 1 before anyone shouts) who just come in for coffee and a chat with friends. Sadly they make a beeline for the cafe and ignore all the stallholders. Free to go in and may stop this if they charged but a community hall so hard to do.

Would love to organise a vintage and artisan fair in our local hall but know I am no longer up to it stamina wise. Due to meet a local crafter (met on FB) in Spring for coffee so may discuss with her, if could get say 6 of us to do together would be a lot easier.

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Until next week.....


  1. Love the pink baby jacket with the mixture of wool, and the ribbon edging is very nice too.

  2. Awh, thanks for your kind words about Handmdae Monday Caroline. I love that you have stuck with us, you know I miss you and your ideas if you can't join us for a few weeks!
    I'm loving the edging to that baby jacket, it's such a modern look and so pretty.


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