Sunday, 15 July 2018

Notebook and Journal

Been very hot here in the South the last few weeks, almost to the point of being unable to work for long. After a heavy thundery shower yesterday a bit fresher, although going to get hot again.

Have completed a couple of projects though both involving book binding, my new favourite type of craft.

The first a Nature Journal, each page is very detailed so a video is far easier to show the full details and embellishments. Just click on the image and you will go straight to You Tube.

The second another William Morris print notebook. Very summery

Also starting to post a new item to Etsy every day Monday to Friday, must admit have noticed the views have gone up a lot and had a few more sales.

Commission for a 50th Anniversary Card last week

Finally a sale of one of my new gift boxes, the initial was a 'G' not 'C' as shown.
This is a new venture for me and have several new ideas. Includes a boxed gift and a gift card.

Hope you all have a wonderful week and stay cool.


  1. Vaya trabajos bonitos!!

    Me gusta especialmente el primero de Nature Journal...aunque todos son elegantes y con buen gusto.

    Feliz Semana!!

  2. Oh my goodness, your nature journal is beyond beautiful. I sat watching you unfold each page transfixed! You do create the most amazing pretties.

  3. The notebook is so pretty! Also, thanks for the tip of listing everyday on Etsy. I neglected my online shops due to being very busy, but I did notice in the past that the more you list, the better and not all in once :).


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