Sunday, 14 January 2018

Animals in Flowers new collection launch

Finally got there had to wait for silk organza sheets from the US, got impatient and ordered (more expensive) from a UK source only to be told after the order was placed that they were doing a stock take and would dispatch asap! However they arrived and I was able to complete my first new collection of 2018.

Clutch Bags

Gift Cards

Key Fobs

Decorative Hoops

I am happy with how everything turned out and just love these watercolour images.

Joined a challenge on a FB group for Valentines Day. Wanted to do something slightly different and thought these kitty and dawgie mug rugs were perfect. They are also not just for Valentines Day.

Now onto the next collection again just a teaser for you

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  1. I just can't help liking the labrador options best. Can't think why

  2. I adore these animal prints! Lovely makings!
    And that cat for Valentine... love it!
    (Visiting from Handmade Monday)
    Have a nice day,
    Sigrid (Belgium, Europe)

  3. That watercolour silk is just gorgeous, you've put it to such good use already!


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