Saturday, 3 June 2017

Bluebirds and Queen Bees

Another beautiful week here in Hampshire England, so much so that I have not done much at all, so bad lol. Did sell 2 of my lavender ladies and replaced the stock so busy knitting.

Finished off the vinyl key fobs for both bluebirds and Queen bees.

This then leads me to more stitching for the Queen Bee section of my website. Make up bags, tissue holders, mug rugs and more.

Loving these new photo boards and think they look good and add dimension without distracting from the actual product.

Off to sit in the garden with a delicious cup of coffee, slice of coffee cake pure decadence and a good book. Must make the most of this glorious weather as checking the weather widget 100% rain on Monday and cooler, eek! Just in time for a visit to the dentist yukk! on Tuesday.

Have a good week and see you next week

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  1. This Queen bee design is just lovely.
    I hope you did get to enjoy your coffee break outside at the weekend, today was just terrible wasn't it?!


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